Rental conditions

Reservation of the vehicle

We may reserve all the rented vehicles on website by selecting the vehicle and filling out the boxes in the reservation form, by e-mail [email protected], or phone +370 604 44955 (rent in Kaunas),  +370 609 77888 (rent in Vilnius).

The reservation is finally approved only upon the receipt of the approval from the Autogrupė rent point by e-mail or telephone.
There are prior payments for the reservation of the vehicle;therefore, the withdrawal of the reservation is free of charge.
In the event of the circumstances to which prevent to give the approval of services in the reservation, we undertake to inform the customer about it immediately and offer another vehicle of the same or even higher class  for the price of your reserved vehicle.

Requirements of age.

Minimum age of the lessee and river must be 21 years old. The lessee must have a valid drivers licence and the driving experience not less than 1 year. I the driver is younger than 21 years old or has less driving experience than 1 year, and then there may be changes in the conditions of the rent made.

Required documents.

• Valid drivers licence.
• Valid passport or the personal identification card until the end of the term of the rent.

All the documents must be issued to the name of the lessee.


The calculated rent payment is to be paid at the beginning of the period of rent, just before the taking of the vehicle. The payment for the rent of the vehicle may be done by cash or the bank cards VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD, and MAESTRO (if you intend to pay by the card, give a notice in advance).


The deposit of 150 Euro to 600 Euro is the amount equal to the liability of the lessee in case of the theft, auto incident or the activity of the third parties. This amount is to be left by the customer at the beginning of the rent in cash or we reserve it in the account of the bank card in case if the vehicle would be returned to us in a poor quality. The deposit is to be returned after the end of the rent, when the customer return a technically fit vehicle with full tank of petrol.
The deposit is not required if the customer pays for the rent by the credit card (VISA) (it is not applicable if the vehicle of the prestige class is being rented).

NOTE: the deposit may be reserved only on credit (VISA, MASTERCARD) card.


All the vehicles have been insured to the rules of the insurance of the vehicles, valid in the Republic of Lithuania. The insurance consists of the vehicle insurance in case of the accident and the civil liability insurance. The costs of the insurance have been included in the price of the rent.
In case of the damage of the vehicle, the lessees liability is from 200 to 600 Euro, dependent on the class of the vehicle. 
The lessees liability in accordance with the classes:

• Economical 200€;
• Average 200€;
• Standard 200€;
• Mini vans 200€;
• SUVs 300€;
• Prestige 200-600€.

* The lessees liability for the vehicle of standard class Toyota Corolla (year of make is 2017) is 300 Euro.

The lessee may acquire an additional extra insurance that reduces the liability. The amount of the payment of risk reduction depends on the class of the vehicle and the period of the rent (you may find the prices by filling out the reservation form or connecting by e-mail or telephone). The payment of risk reduction is not valid in case if the following damage is being done: when there is the interior of the vehicle damaged and when the tyres are damaged. The extra insurance is valid for one accident and only upon the provision of the declaration of the accident and certificate from police as well as comprehensive report from the lessee. When the additional service of insurance is being selected, the amount of the deposit left by the customer for the vehicle is to be reduced to 50 EUR (dependently on the class of the vehicle).

The delivery/return of the vehicle

There is no any payment to be required when the vehicle is to be returned to the offices of the company Autogrupė” in Vilnius or Kaunas. We offer for our customers to deliver and return the vehicles upon the end of the rent for an additional cost at Vilnius or Kaunas airports and in any town at any time of the day.


The prices of the rent of vehicles are to be indicated in a table if the customer plans to travel through the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia). The prices for the travelling behind the boundaries of the mentioned countries may increase. The prices indicated in the table includes civil insurance, KASKO insurance, additional driver, run up to 500 km a day and road rescue 24/7. The prices of the vehicles indicated in the website includes VAT.

Breakdowns of the vehicle (technical rescue)

The technical rescue is applicable to all the vehicles in Lithuania 24/7.

Period of rent

Minimum period of the rent is 24 hours (one day). The period of the rent is to be started from the moment of the taking of vehicle. If the vehicle is late to be delivered for more than 2 hours, the rent is to be calculated for one more day.

Supplementary vehicle

If there occurs a breakdown of the vehicle during the period of the rent, an accident or if the rented vehicle become unsuitable to be exploited due to other reasons, we offer a supplementary vehicle for our customers.

Additional equipment

We may offer navigation GPS systems together with the vehicle and will offer children seats of different sizes for free.


The vehicles are to be rented with a full tank of petrol and must be returned with the full tank as well. Otherwise, the Lessee must pay for the missing amount of petrol to the full tank and 10 Euro filling fare.

Lessors liability

The lessee is responsible for all the losses, experienced at the time of the period of the rent of the vehicle. The losses include (but are not limited to) the damage made to another vehicle, the loss of the value of the vehicle in the event of theft, the reduction of the value of the vehicle (excluding the natural tear and wear), transportation, and fines for the infringement of the road traffic regulations. The lessee is responsible until the moment when the company Autogrupė” approves the fact that the vehicle has been returned with no losses. If the vehicle is returned before or after the business hours or to the undetermined place, the lessee is responsible for the vehicle till the moment when the company Autogrupė” evaluates whether the vehicle is returned with no damages and losses and it is to be approved to the lessee.

Driver service

You may rent the vehicles with the driver service. Our drivers speak Lithuanian, English and Russian. The drivers may meet the customer in the airport and take to the specified place in Lithuania or abroad.

Force Majeure

If the reserved vehicle got into an accident, broke down or there have sudden consequences occurred, the administration of Autogrupė” has a right to cancel the reservation of the vehicle by warning the customer by e-mail or telephone in advance.


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